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RS-1 Series Of Rotary Vacuum Pump With Reasonable Price

RS-1 Series Of Rotary Vacuum Pump With Reasonable Price

The allowable amount of steam is kg / h, it refers to the pump in the abnormal conditions, the gas pump in the operation can be removed when the steam quality flow. Pump pumping rate unit is m3 / s or l / s, refers to the pump is equipped with a standard try to cover, and according to the conditions of operation, from the trial tank flow of gas flow and try to cover the specified position of the offset pressure Ratio. Referred to as pump pumping speed.

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RS-1 series of rotary vacuum pump with reasonable price

Vacuum packaging machine maintenance of small knowledge:

1, the vacuum packaging machine should be in the temperature -10 ℃ -60 ℃, relative humidity of not more than 85%; the surrounding air without corrosive gases, no powder, no explosive dangerous goods in the environment.

2, should be regularly check the vacuum pump oil level, regularly added to maintain the oil level in the oil window 1/2 to 3/4 position; vacuum pump imported 30 engine oil or vacuum 0 pump special oil.

3, when the pump to observe the oil into black or white, oil within the water droplets, or viscosity increases, then the oil has been contaminated, should immediately replace the oil. Under normal circumstances for each continuous work 1-2 months to replace the oil.

4, with a water removal device models should be based on the moisture content of the packaging, the drainage from the rear of the equipment from the rear of the drainage, drainage and then put on the plug, the general water will automatically break down, no emissions.

5, according to the vacuum packaging machine on the speed of the automatic operation of the studio and the operation of the working speed of workers, adjust the vacuum packaging machine on the panel speed adjustment time relay time lengthened or shortened.

6, the vacuum packaging machine with emergency stop switch, if there are special circumstances press this switch, the cover automatically open at the top, to be excluded, open the emergency stop switch, the cover to the work side, the equipment into the normal work status.

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Theory: Vacuum Pump

Structure: single-stage Pump

Power : Electric

Pressure: High Pressure

Color: Blue/Orange/Black

Voltage: 110V/60HZ 220V/50Hz

Free Air Displacement: 3CFM 2.5CFM

Ultimate Vacuum: 5Pa

Rotating Speed: 1720RPM 1440RPM

Power: 1/4HP

Oil Capacity: 220ml

Casting: Alloy Aluminium

Dimension: 260mm*110mm*240mm

N.W 6Kg

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