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Mini Vacuum Pump System Design For Food Packages RS-1

Mini Vacuum Pump System Design For Food Packages RS-1

The ultimate vacuum (usually called vacuum): the vacuum pump and the testing vessel connected into the measured gas, carry out long series of pumping, when the vessel does not reduce gaseous pressure while maintaining a certain value, the ultimate vacuum pump for pressure. The smaller the value, the closer it is to the theoretical vacuum.

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mini vacuum pump system design for food packages RS-1

common sense:

The unit price of the pump is closely related to the vacuum index. The vacuum degree index is an important indicator of national production taking strenuously pursue, it set off the machine polishing, the corresponding sealing skills, materials science and other aspects of the group strength, also produced the key position taking obtain output. To mobilize the vacuum index, it is necessary to have a higher sealing premise, so it is necessary to quote more accurate proportion, better material function of the zero device, so the production cost is greatly mobilized. And price increases far outweigh the vacuum index increase. Sure enough, the mobilization of pumping rate will also increase the unit price, but its growth is modest. Therefore, the selection of small vacuum pumps, the demand for serious statutory vacuum indicators, followed by pumping rate, so that the best possible balance between the use of functions and costs.



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1. Designed specially for HVAC/R service

2. Ultimate deep vacuum: single stage is 5PA, while dual voltage is 0.3 Pa

3. Compact design with aluminum hosing and easy to carry.

4. Thermal protector in the motor to guarantee the pump to run steadily.

5. Both 1/4' and 3/8' SAE flare inlet connections allow for flexibility of connections.

6. Vacuum pump oil included.

7. Suitable for all the main voltage design in the market.

8. Individual design for special customers.

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HBS vacuum equipment factory was established in 2006, specializing in the research and development, production and trade. By persisting in the objective of "customers first", we concentrate on market research and technology innovation. Now, we have 8 main product lines with more than 40 specifications. We can produce more than 10,000 sets of vacuum pumps every year. Now, we can produce more than 10 specifications of YWF series axial fan motors.

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