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High Pressure Range Of Vacuum Pumps With Air-condition RS-1

High Pressure Range Of Vacuum Pumps With Air-condition RS-1

Vacuum pump oil replacement is not to say that the vacuum pump oil will be discharged and then injected into the new pump can be, in the replacement of pump oil also need to pay attention to the residual impurities inside the pump cleaning.Vacuum pump for 3 to 4 months after use, that should replace the vacuum pump oil.If the external humidity is relatively large circumstances, the mechanical pump has been pumping a vacuum has been to keep the equipment, then pumping a long time do not need to replace the pump oil. So that in the case of relatively large humidity, should be appropriate to shorten the oil change period. Replace the oil can be cleaned and dehumidified before use.

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high pressure range of vacuum pumps with air-condition RS-1


Vacuum pump oil 6 big use

1, the oil window must be clean, is strictly prohibited in the sun exposure and open storage, to be stored in the dark, dry and ventilated areas, to prevent water and dust mixed.

2, refueling equipment must have a special equipment, should not be filled with other oil or solvent containers.

3, take oil or oil, the bucket around the impurities must be removed to prevent the debris into the oil, causing the pump wear.

4, the oil should be used when the pump oil exhausted, the new oil will slowly turn after the pump shaft, cleaning the pump chamber row to make residual oil, repeated cleaning several times, and so washed into the new oil The

5, mineral oil and ester oil or other synthetic oil exchange, the vacuum pump should be opened for thorough cleaning. Including the parts must be immersed in the ester oil to prevent pollution.

6, screw vacuum pump overhaul must use a solvent or cleaning agent to clean the pump parts, and parts drying.

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Oil change method is as follows:

Remove the pump from the system, with a clean side of the disk connected to the oil hole, unscrew the oil plug and put the oil plug, release the oil, intermittently start the motor 4 to 6 times, so that the vacuum The oil in the small room is discharged. And then from the suction pipe to join the clean vacuum pump oil 200 ~ 300CC, intermittently start the motor, once again clean the vacuum chamber. In this way, after 2 to 3 times repeated cleaning, light cleaning oil, screw on the oil plug, from the oil plug to add a clean vacuum pump oil to the window hole in the center position, tighten the oil filler plug does not leak.

The oil change is best carried out after the oil temperature rises. The pump is strictly prohibited with kerosene, gasoline, alcohol and other non-demolition cleaning; usually also pay attention to the protection of the air intake, check the filter to prevent dust, impurities into the pump, dirty pump oil, damage to the vacuum chamber.

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