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Dual Stage Vacuum Pump With Pressure Gauge

Dual Stage Vacuum Pump With Pressure Gauge

Model:2RS-1 Voltage:110V/220V Free air displacement:3CFM/2.5CFM Ultimate vacuum:0.3pa Power:1/3HP Weight:8KG

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dual stage vacuum pump with pressure gauge

Product introduction

A vacuum pump is a device that uses a mechanical, physical, chemical, physical, chemical, etc method to pump a container to obtain and maintain a vacuum. Vacuum pumps and other equipment (such as vacuum container, vacuum valve, vacuum measuring instrument, connecting piping etc.) consists of vacuum system, widely used in electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, food, machinery, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and other departments.Oil rotary vane vacuum pump is a wide range of vacuum products, widely used in metallurgy, medicine, chemical, electronic and other industries.

The oil rotary vane vacuum pump mainly consists of stator, rotor, rotating plate, fixed cover, spring and other parts. A rotor with rotating blades is eccentrically installed in the pump cavity, and the rotor groove is provided with a rotary plate. The rotor and rotor divide the stator cavity into two parts: suction and exhaust. When the rotor rotates in the stator cavity, the volume of the air inlet is gradually enlarged and the gas is sucked in, and the volume at the side of the exhaust port is gradually reduced, and the compressed air is compressed and discharged from the exhaust port. When rotating, the vacuum pump oil is thrown into the pump casing to form a concentric oil ring of the pump casing, and the oil ring and the rotor blade form several small rotating absorption and exhaust cavities with periodic change of volume.

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2 Stage Vacuum Pump For Pumping Gas.jpg

2 Stage Vacuum Pump For Pumping Gas.jpg

<How to repair vacuum pumps>

The vacuum pump corrosion shape can be divided into full (uniform) corrosion and corrosion part of two categories, the former is even occurring in the vacuum pump full appearance, the latter only occurred in part, such as Kong Shi, crevice corrosion, intergranular corrosion, stress corrosion etc.. The polymer composite material of vacuum pump is one of the organic coating appearance as corrosion protection measures currently very fruitful and has outstanding function of chemical resistance and excellent mechanical function and bonding repair function, compared with the traditional pressure vessel welding, with the construction of simple, low cost, safety, good correction effect characteristics.

Product details

2 Stage Vacuum Pump For Pumping Gas.jpg

Product Description


2 Stage Vacuum Pump for pump gas






Free Air Displacement:



Ultimate Vacuum:







Oil Capacity(ml):






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