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5pa Electric 1/4HP Easy Carry Single Stage Vacuum Pump RS-1

5pa Electric 1/4HP Easy Carry Single Stage Vacuum Pump RS-1

The field of vacuum equipment is becoming more and more extensive, many of which are related to electricity, electromagnetic, water, gas and refrigeration. In a considerable number of cases, it is not a single part of the problem, which makes it difficult to take a comprehensive consideration of the troubleshooting, some of which are caused by the lack of precision in the mechanical assembly, and some of the problems in the insulation material or structure. At this time, do not rush to the conclusion, do not rush to dismantle the equipment, and carefully examine and analyze the fault now. As well as consult the professional manufacturer of equipment, avoid unnecessary loss caused by misloading and unloading.

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5pa Electric 1/4HP easy carry single stage vacuum pump RS-1

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Introduction of product maintenance

It is a vacuum unit with insufficient gas pumping capacity or high leakage rate; or both of them need to be patiently observed and recorded to find out the causes of the failure. For example, the time is the same, and the vacuum is low. At this time, closing the high pressure valve, such as the vacuum gauge quickly drops, and the number of cases is the vacuum chamber leak, should first be found out. It's leaking. If the vacuum meter pointer drops very slowly, most of the situation is that the pumping capacity of the vacuum unit is not enough. At this time, we can focus on the problem of finding the vacuum pump and the valve, see where the leakage, or the pollution of the diffusion pump oil, the oxidation, etc., or the poor sealing of the front line, the insufficient pump oil, or the oil emulsification of the pump, and the shaft of the pump. Seal oil leakage, valve damage and other failures.

Repair must pay attention to several links, demolition, cleaning, inspection and assembly. Vacuum equipment, whether big or small, belongs to precision mechanical equipment. This is very important. Dismantling should follow the principle of light and light, can not be barbarous, must not use the hammer to knock; cleaning parts should be clean and thorough, to facilitate the discovery of problems and find out hidden dangers; vacuum pump products and general mechanical products have great difference. Be careful, remember.


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