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Small Oilless Vacuum Pump With Silencer And Rubber Legs For HP-1400V

Small Oilless Vacuum Pump With Silencer And Rubber Legs For HP-1400V

In addition to the above three points, oil-free piston vacuum pump it conforms to the trend of the times, in thi s one advocates energy saving, green era, oil-free piston vacuum pump is obviously very time in the future, there will be more enterprises will Look at the oil-free piston vacuum pump.

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small oilless vacuum pump with silencer and rubber legs for HP-1400V

HBS vacuum equipment factory was established in 2006, specializing in the research and development, production and trade. By persisting in the objective of "customers first", we concentrate on market research and technology innovation. Now, we have 8 main product lines with more than 40 specifications. We can produce more than 10,000 sets of vacuum pumps every year. Now, we can produce more than 10 specifications of YWF series axial fan motors.

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About Oilless pumps:

Oil-free rotary vane vacuum pump and oil-free piston vacuum pump (reciprocating pump). Although common rotary vane vacuum pumps and piston vacuum pumps are involved in the pump chamber, they can also be operated without oil by using self-lubricating materials and become oil-free vacuum pumps. In addition, the reciprocating pump in the diaphragm vacuum pump, there is no oil type.

Maintenance of oil-free vacuum pump:

1. check whether the oil free vacuum pump line and joint are loose or not. Turn the oil-free vacuum pump by hand, and see if the oil-free vacuum pump is flexible.

Water diversion plug oil-free vacuum pump 2. screw, filling water or lead paste.

3. shut off the gate valve and outlet pressure gauge and the inlet vacuum gauge.

4. start the motor, when the oil-free vacuum pump running normally, open the outlet pressure gauge and import oil-free vacuum pump, as it shows the appropriate pressure, gradually open the gate valve, and check the motor load situation.

5. as far as possible to control the flow and head of oil-free vacuum pump in the marked range, in order to ensure the oil-free vacuum pump at the highest efficiency point of operation, in order to obtain the maximum energy saving effect.

6. no oil vacuum pump in the process of operation, bearing temperature can not exceed the ambient temperature of 35 degrees, the maximum temperature shall not exceed 80 degrees.

7. if there is abnormal sound in the oil free vacuum pump, the reason should be stopped immediately.

8. no oil vacuum pump to stop, first shut the gate valve, pressure gauge, and then stop the motor.

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