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HP-1400V Piston Vacuum Pump With Silencer And Shock Absorber Foot

HP-1400V Piston Vacuum Pump With Silencer And Shock Absorber Foot

Since the date of shipment within one year of normal use under the conditions of the management, because of quality problems caused by not working, my company free warranty for the user. The appearance and wearing parts are not guaranteed.

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Product Details

HP-1400V piston vacuum pump with silencer and shock absorber foot


HBS oil free pump

Operating instructions

High quality vacuum pump congratulations on your purchase of the ruby brand, in the use of HP series products, must read the operating instructions, such as improper operation, and cause damage to the product, even in one year warranty period, the manufacturer also is not responsible for the warranty liability.


1. Introduction

HP series Ruby vacuum pump oil is of high performance and high technology of oil-free vacuum pump has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, stable operation, low noise, high reliability, long life, low temperature rise, small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance, simple structure and easy maintenance without oil;

Can be widely used in medical equipment, automotive industry, automatic control, printing machinery, packaging machinery, food preservation, aquaculture, water purification, analysis instrument, beauty care, advertising production, equipment maintenance, bio medicine, electronic communications, petroleum chemical industry, environmental detection system, plateau oxygen and other fields is the best choice; you need to clean and environment-friendly industrialized society of vacuum space.

2. Installation instructions

1. place the vacuum pump as much as possible, with good ventilation, little dust and little humidity;

Base fixed with rubber damping foot or spring shock absorber.

2. the air inlet is connected with the 1/4-18NPT joint or other specifications, connectors and intake filter silencers, etc. the pipe is connected with the air outlet nozzle or the muffler.

3. the power supply should have sufficient capacity to confirm that the voltage used is in line with the product requirements.

4. connect the power supply and the capacitor line according to the wiring requirement.

5. check the components of the vacuum pump after no exception, plug the power cord into the required socket (the power outlet must be grounded), and the machine starts to work.

6. adjust the pressure regulating valve, indicating the pressure required by the pressure gauge and stable.

7. when the vacuum pump is not in use, adjust the pressure regulating valve to empty the air, and then cut off the power supply.

8., do not arbitrarily pull the lead line, so as not to cause damage or cause product failure.

3. Maintenance

1. the outer casing cleaning, please in the case of cutting off the power supply, with dry soft cloth cleaning outside the shell dust, dirt, cleaning at least once a month.

2. The air cleaning filter silencer, cleaning filter silencer filter cotton is very important, it directly affects the flow and life of the vacuum pump, at least a month cleaning time, please screwed, open the muffler cover, remove the filter, rinse with water, cool and dry, and then installed use. If it can not be cleaned, replace the filter cotton.

3. when using, please tighten the base and the shock absorbing foot bolt, and put it in the ventilated place as far as possible.

4. when the vacuum pump works, it is strictly forbidden to touch any components on the machine.

5. this product is oil-free vacuum pump, no refueling lubrication.

6. when the product is not in use for a long time, please clean it up and leave it in a dry place.

4.Usage Claim

1. the correct selection of products with the nameplate consistent with the power and capacitor, the power supply voltage beyond the scope of use or voltage fluctuations, please increase the voltage regulator and then use.

2. this product uses environmental temperature -10 to +40 degrees centigrade, elevation is not higher than 1500m, more than 1500m, use plateau type vacuum pump. When in use, as far as possible in ventilated, clean place.

3. select the appropriate intake filter muffler, and regularly cleaned or replaced.

4. the medium used for this product is air. If you need to use it for other media, please consult our company.

5. voltage should be considered when extending the power line.

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