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HBS Oilless Vacuum Pump With Low Noise And Environmentally Friendly

HBS Oilless Vacuum Pump With Low Noise And Environmentally Friendly

High quality vacuum pump congratulations on your purchase of the ruby brand, in the use of HP series products, must read the operating instructions, such as improper operation, and cause damage to the product, even in one year warranty period, the manufacturer also is not responsible for the warranty liability.

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HBS oilless vacuum pump with low noise and environmentally friendly

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2.Technical Parameters


3.Oil-free vacuum pump precautions

1, the working pressure of the vacuum pump should meet the ultimate vacuum vacuum equipment and work pressure requirements. Such as: a vacuum drying process requires 10mmHg working vacuum, vacuum vacuum pump selection of the ultimate vacuum of at least 2mmHg, preferably up to 1mmHg. Usually choose the ultimate vacuum pump is higher than the working vacuum of the vacuum equipment half an order of magnitude.

2, the correct choice of vacuum pump working point. Each pump has a certain working pressure range, such as: 2BV series water ring vacuum pump working pressure range 760mmHg ~ 25mmHg (absolute pressure), in such a wide range of pressure, pump pumping speed varies with pressure (details of the change with reference to the pump Performance curve), the stable working pressure range of 760 ~ 60mmHg. Therefore, the pump operating point should be selected within this range is more appropriate, but can not let it in the long-term work under 25 ~ 30mmHg.

3, the vacuum pump in its work pressure, should be able to drain away all the gas generated in the process of vacuum equipment.

4, the correct combination of vacuum pump. Due to the vacuum pump selective suction, therefore, sometimes the choice of a pump can not meet the pumping requirements, the need for several pump combinations, complement each other to meet the pumping requirements. Such as titanium sublimation pump high hydrogen pumping speed, but can not helium, and the triode sputtering ion pump, (or bipolar asymmetric cathode sputtering ion pump) has a certain pumping speed argon, both When combined, the vacuum will get a better degree of vacuum. In addition, some vacuum pumps can not work under atmospheric pressure, requiring pre-vacuum; some vacuum pump outlet pressure below atmospheric pressure, the need for fore-stage pump, it is necessary to use the pump combination.

5, vacuum equipment, oil pollution requirements. If the equipment is strictly required oil-free, should choose a variety of oil-free pumps, such as: water ring pump, molecular sieve adsorption pump, sputtering ion pump, cryogenic pump. If the requirements are not strict, you can choose a pump, plus some anti-oil pollution measures, such as adding cold trap, baffle, oil well, etc., but also to achieve clean vacuum requirements.

6, to understand the composition of the gas being drawn, the gas containing non-condensable vapor, whether the particles of dust, whether or not corrosive. When choosing a vacuum pump, you need to know the gas composition and select the appropriate pump for the purged gas. If the gas contains vapors, particles, and corrosive gases, consideration should be given to installing auxiliary equipment such as condensers, dust catchers, etc. on the pump inlet piping.

7, the vacuum pump out of the oil vapor on the environment how the impact. If the environment does not allow contamination, you can choose oil-free vacuum pump, or the oil vapor to the outside.

8, the vibration generated by the vacuum pump on the process and the environment have no effect. If the process is not allowed, should choose no vibration pump or take anti-vibration measures.

9, the price of the vacuum pump, operation and maintenance costs.

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