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Analysis Of Development Trend Of Vacuum Packaging Machine In China
- Aug 25, 2018 -

For example, the food industry and the electric product industry all need vacuum packer of good quality to package the best packaging quality and effect for these industries, so that these products can attract consumers' attention at the first glance in the international market, and can leave a deep impression under the guidance of the visual system, stimulate consumers' desire to purchase, thus reflecting the brand of the enterprise.

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 It is understood that the vacuum packaging machine is made of high-density vacuum chamber, durable and durable. the whole machine frame is made of materials, and will never rust. it also adopts electromechanical integration and is easy to operate. it has suddenly become the leader in packaging machinery products.  With the vacuum packaging machine, people can buy safer and more reliable products, and the production enterprises can save a lot of packaging materials and labor.

The development of vacuum packaging machines in our country is relatively late, and many developed countries have already developed well.  However, our country only developed in the 1980s. due to the relatively backward science and technology in our country at that time and the lack of attention from relevant enterprises, the development started slowly and the innovation ability was insufficient.  However, with the development of various food industries, people's requirements for food safety have also increased accordingly, thus prompting the development of vacuum packaging industry.

 In the food industry, vacuum packaging is widely used, with various cooked products such as chicken legs, ham, sausage, etc.  Pickled products such as various pickles, bean products, preserved fruits, etc ... various foods that need preservation are increasingly packaged in vacuum.  The vacuum packaged food has a long shelf life, which greatly prolongs the shelf life of the food.

At present, China's vacuum packaging machines are well used in many industries, among which the food industry has the greatest demand for this machine.  However, compared with the development of foreign countries, our country still has a certain gap.  If you want to catch up with the pace of development abroad, you can strengthen it from the following three aspects:

 1, strengthen technological innovation, pay attention to quality and appearance, make appearance more beautiful and generous.

 2. strengthen the research and development of new products to promote the continuous development of higher technical content and intelligence.

 3. the types of products are continuously extended and expanded, and efforts are made to produce products that meet people's higher requirements.

Vacuum packaging is highly favored by food enterprises and consumers because it is helpful to prevent food spoilage.  China's vacuum packaging technology was developed in the early 1980s, while the vacuum inflatable packaging technology began to be used in a small amount in the early 1990s. with the promotion of small packaging and the development of supermarkets, its scope of application is more and more extensive, and some will gradually replace hard packaging. the prospect is very promising.

 In recent years, the world packaging industry has attached great importance to improving the general ability and multi-functional integration ability of packaging machinery and the whole packaging system. although China's vacuum packaging machinery still belongs to the primary stage of development at present, the application of vacuum packaging technology can greatly reduce the loss of fruit thinning, grain and oil in our country's storage and transportation experience under the condition that our country's cold storage conditions are poor and cold storage skills are not widespread.  Moreover, vacuum packaging is simple to use, easy to automate and dispose in batches, and has lower cost, which will occupy an increasingly important position in the food preservation and packaging industry in our country.

Vacuum packaging machine is also a wide range of mechanical products, widely used in light industry, food, medicine, chemical industry, military industry and other industries. at present, it is widely used in the packaging of domestic and export products.  In the food industry, vacuum packaging of food is very common. various cooked food products are increasingly packaged in vacuum, which can greatly improve the freshness and shelf life of food.  The extensive application of vacuum packaging has indirectly affected the development of the whole food packaging machinery.

 After more than 20 years of development, domestic packaging machinery and equipment have entered a mature stage, and their production capacity has been able to basically meet the needs. however, there is still a lack of high-quality products. compared with foreign products, domestic packaging machinery still has a large gap in scientific and technological level, which is far from meeting domestic needs.

Judging from the product structure, there are many kinds of packaging machinery in our country, but there is a lack of high - tech, high-precision and high-quality matching products. the product performance is low, and the stability and reliability are poor.  Judging from the status of enterprises, the domestic packaging machinery industry lacks leading enterprises, and there are not many enterprises with high technical level, large production scale and international product grade.  Judging from the development of scientific research products, it still basically stays at the stage of testing and imitation. its self-development ability is not strong, its investment in scientific research is low, and its funds account for only 1 % of sales, while in developed countries it is as high as 8 % - 10 %.

 Packaging machinery enterprises should also adhere to technological innovation, develop new and high-tech products with the right production and marketing, improve product quality and develop new varieties, and establish an operation mechanism for technological innovation.  Explore ways to combine production, learning and research, actively create conditions to encourage scientific research institutes to join enterprise groups, so that enterprises gradually become the main body of industrial technology development and investment.  At the same time, make full use of the convenience brought by e - commerce, complete core business, improve after-sales service, shorten turnover cycle, and obtain greater benefits from limited resources.

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