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R410a Shock-damping Double Gauge Valve For Vacuum Pump

R410a Shock-damping Double Gauge Valve For Vacuum Pump

High quality vacuum pump congratulations on your purchase of the ruby brand, in the use of HP series products, must read the operating instructions, such as improper operation, and cause damage to the product, even in one year warranty period, the manufacturer also is not responsible for the warranty liability.

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Shock-damping double gauge valve for vacuum pump


Diffusion pump problems arising in use and troubleshooting

1) low degree of vacuum:

Check the front vacuum

Check the cooling water is smooth, the water temperature is high;

Cooling water pipes are not partially blocked;

Electric furnace wire power is too large or too small;

Is the supply voltage low?

Each nozzle assembly is not correct;

Regulation inaccurate;

Instrument or wire is not normal;

Whether the vacuum system leaks;

Studio long-term use of residual coating is too thick;

2) Oils quickly oxidized due to improper handling, ie turn red or black:

Check if you forgot to turn on cold water;

Vacuum system is more serious leakage;

Diffusion pump at work, the atmosphere into the diffusion pump;

Volatile gas or dust in the chamber enters the pump chamber.


Question1: Did you accept products customization?Is they need mould fee?

Answer: Yes, we accept products customization.Need mould fee,because products usually need extra mould cost.But,we can return the mould fee when you reach a specific quantity.

Question2: Can we get free samples?

Answer: Little quantity normal copper fitting samples can provide for free except for delivery cost.

Question3: How long is the normal production period for a 20-foot shippingcontainer?

Answer: According to the current productive capacity, usually needs 30 days from producing to delivery.

Question4:What is the type of payment?

Answer: Usually you should prepay 30% of the total amount. The balance should be pay off before we get the original B/L.

Question5:How to guarantee the high quality?

Answer: We have testing department to make sure every product of size,appearance and pressure test are good.

Question6: How is the raw copper material price?

Answer: The price of copper is decided by the LME cash buyer price at the day when clients submit the orders.



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