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Manifold Gauge R410A R134a R22 R12

Manifold Gauge R410A R134a R22 R12

HBS R410A R134a R22 R12 Manifold gauge 1.Application: Connector :1/4SAE Refrigerant : R12 R13 R14 R22 R23 R114 R123 R134a R290 R401A R401B R402A R402B R404A R406A R407A R407C R408A R409A R410A R414A R416A R417A R420A R421A R422A R422B R422D R424A R427A R434A R437A R502 R503 R507 R718 Temperature...

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Manifold Gauge R410A R134a R22 R12

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1.Application of Manifold Gauge R410A R134a R22 R12:




Refrigerant: R12  R13  R14  R22   R23  R114  R123  R134a  R290  R401A  R401B  R402A   R402B   R404A   R406A   R407A  R407C   R408A  R409A   R410A  R414A   R416A   R417A   R420A  R421A  R422A  R422B  R422D  R424A  R427A R434A  R437A  R502  R503  R507  R718


Temperature Range: -55~125°c


Pressure Range:-0.1~4.2MPa(Gauge Pressure)


2.Features of Manifold Gauge R410A R134a R22 R12:


1.The shell adopts soft and comfortable design, which makes it give comfortable handle and high shock resistance.


2.Large screen, multi-angle, big-font LCD and baclight design make it clear in diepalying, convenient in observing. It can also be used in week light.


3.High precision pressure senso and Digital temperature sensor greatly improve theaccurancy and precision.


4.Micro power electroic component design greatly enhance the life of battery.


5.Contain 36 kinds of refrigerant parameter.


6.Dual channel RT measurement can wor out the superheat and supercooling


7.Mlti-mode option can ba used in vacuum measurement, pipe leak detection and routing maintance.


8.ifferent pressure unit(MPa,KPa,bar,psi), temperature unit can be switched freely to meet the usage.


9.It switches off automatically when the pressure is overloaded.


10.The valve body is made of high quality aluminum alloy.

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